Welcome to our website, from Peter Haywood, Chair of Governors of the Brewood and Wheaton Aston Federation of schools.

Dear Parents

Many of you may be wondering what the role of the governing body of a school is and who exactly are its members.

I would like to outline to you the role of the governing body of our schools and introduce you to present members.

Firstly then let me introduce you to the role of the governing body and its purpose.

The government has very high expectations of every governing body and, over the years, the role of the school governors has increased and become more crucial to the life of the school.

The role of the governing body at Brewood is to work alongside the Executive Headteacher to help the school to provide the best possible education for its pupils by making important collective decisions. As such, individual members are unable to act as a representative for anyone in an individual case.

It does this by setting the school’s vision and strategic aims and agreeing plans and policies, making the best use of available resources.

We are “strategic partners” of the school who support the Headteacher and his vision and, alongside him, direct the school strategically. We monitor and review progress by rigorous questioning and determined challenge and hold the school to account financially and educationally for the pupils, parents and the local communities we serve.

We do not manage the school on a day to day basis; that is left in the hands of the Headteacher and his Senior Leadership Team.

Our governors are actively involved in the strategic planning for both schools in the Brewood and Wheaton Aston Federation – examples of our work include:

  • establishing a Federation between Brewood CE (C) Middle School and St Mary’s CE First School (in 2011),
  • establishing a Governor led Nursery at St Mary’s in September 2013,
  • joining the Wolgarston Collaboration alongside all Brewood and Penkridge First Schools, Penkridge Middle and Wolgarston High School,
  • discussing the future of local schools and the education provision for 3 – 18 year olds,
  • involvement in the recruitment process for both schools – this includes: shortlisting, interviewing, writing questions, visiting and observing candidates and supporting or challenging the Headteacher on recruitment decisions. Examples of governors’ strategic leadership decisions include:
    • The recruitment and appointment of Mr J Thorne, our Deputy at St Mary’s who took up his post in January 2015
    • sharing and developing leadership across two sites to provide high quality provision for 3 to 13 year olds,
  • preparing a 3 year budget modeller for both schools and ensuring balanced budgets and best value principles.

Fundamentally, we are the strategic leaders of the school and have a vital role.

We have a strong focus on:

–       Ensuring clarity of vision,

–       Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and the performance management of staff,

–       Overseeing the financial well-being of the school and ensuring that its money is well spent.

No one person can do the work alone so it is shared between committees; each has its own remit and is led by its own Chairperson.

Our major committees are:

  1. Finance and Premises. This committee deals with school budgets and ensures that any funds are wisely spent and best value is obtained.
  2. The Curriculum and Standards committee is responsible for the curriculum on offer in the schools determining that all children, including those with special educational needs, have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. It is responsible for the academic progress of its pupils; this includes judging Brewood’s progress data against local and national standards.
  3. The Personnel committee appoints the Headteacher, Deputies and other senior leaders of the school. It may also appoint or advise on other members of staff as appropriate.

Committees meet at least once a term, followed by a full governing body meeting once a term. Extra meetings may be called as necessary.

Link Governors liaise with middle and subject leaders of the school, reporting on the focus for their department, questioning and challenging them about progress and planning. This information is then reported back to the full governing body.  All governors have a  monitoring role.  This is achieved by requiring all middle leaders to present fully to the Full Governing Body and/or Standards Committee, demonstrating focus, strategic planning and achievement of their pupils.  This is done termly, giving the Governors insight into the work in departments, and opportunity to question and challenge directly.  Also we have specific link governors with responsibility for overseeing monitoring and reporting back to governors:

(a)   Strategic Planning (SDP, SEF, SIAMS)

(b)   Standards and Pupil Premium

(c)   SEND

(d)   Computer Studies, Safeguarding, E-Safety, Prevent

(e)   LAC

The role of the school governor is one of commitment, and the willingness to give time and personal skills to ensure the ongoing success of the school. We come from all walks of life and care very much about our schools.

I look forward to meeting you soon at a future school event.

Best wishes

Mr P Haywood

Chair of Governors

An overview of the governing body’s key activities:

Understand our school

–         Pupil attainment and progress

–         Pupil behaviour, attendance and safety

–         Teaching quality and staff development

Performance   data

Ofsted   reports


School   visits

Set our school’s   strategic vision

–         Champion our vision, values and ethos

–         Set priorities for school improvement

–         Consider governance structure & academy   status

Local   aspirations

National   priorities

Parent   and pupil voice

Commission action

–         Agree improvement   targets and strategies

–         Agree allocation of resources

–         Agree how to monitor and review progress

Improvement   plans

Budget   data

Performance manage our school leaders

–         Appoint headteacher and support their   leadership

–         Hold school leaders to account for progress

–         Ensure financial probity and efficiency

Performance   data

Financial   data

School   visits

Check we are fit for purpose

–         Clarify our role and purpose

–         Review constitution and ways of working

–         Make sure members have necessary skills

Policy   context

Ofsted   criteria




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