Sports Premium Statement

What is Sports Premium Funding?

Sports premium finding is additional funding provided by the Government to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding is allocated to school annually and is ring-fenced so that it can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.

Purpose of funding
Schools have the freedom to choose how they utilise this funding but it must be used to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer. This means that they should use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to:

  • develop or add to the PE and sport activities that the school already offers
  • build capacity and capability within the school to ensure that improvements made now will benefit pupils joining the school in future years,

Schools are expected to show how they have used their funding including reporting on expenditure and its impact on pupils’ PE and sports participation.

Schools are required to include details of their provision of PE and sport on their website, alongside details of their broader curriculum, so that parents can compare sports provision between schools, both within and beyond the school day.

Amount of funding

Period of funding Amount
2013-2014 £8260
2014-2015 £8330
2015-2016 £8400
2016-2017 £8500

How has the funding been allocated to date?
Following a review of sports provision it was decided to improve lunchtime sports provision by employing a Sports Coach and Play Leader. A weekly rota ensures all pupils have access to this facility. Over the course of the year a range of sports will be offered in order to develop pupils’ skills and enjoyment.

The funding has also been effectively used to employ a Sorts Coach to deliver high quality PE provision as well as support staff CPD. Staff benefit from the opportunity to teach and plan alongside experienced coaching staff. The professional development of school staff in this way will ensure that high quality PE provision is sustained year on year and in the absence of specialist sports coaches.

The remainder of the grant has been allocated to funding a number of multi-skills days covering a range of sports activities.


The impact of Sports Premium funding to date

  • Increased engagement of less active children at lunchtime through lunchtime clubs.
  • Staff ability, confidence and skills have increased through Sports coach CPD provision.
  • A wider range of activities are available at lunchtime through the play leader
  • A wider range of sports activities including dodge-ball have been introduced by sports coaches
  • Increased participation in inter-school sports events
  • Fewer behaviour incidents at lunchtimes
  • Pupils benefit from access to a wider range of sports equipment.
  • Bronze Award from Sainsbury’s Games Mark achieved


Sport at St Mary’s
Each class is timetabled for two lessons of Physical Education each week. The nature of P.E. includes team games, gymnastics, athletics and dance. Emphasis is placed upon the teaching of ball skills at an early age i.e. throwing and catching, batting, kicking and uses of a hockey stick. Year 4 pupils also participate in swimming lessons during the summer term.

The school has good sorts and PE facilities. There is a well-equipped school hall, extensive playing fields and two large playgrounds.

Weather permitting, P.E. lessons are delivered outside.

The school also offers a range of extra-curricular activities delivered after school including multi sports, football and dance club and supports community sports including
the local Badminton Club, Men’s Keep-Fit Club and the anst Marys Sports Premium statement 2017 18nual Wheaton Aston 10k run.


Please see the attached Sorts Premium statement for information on how the 2016/17 funding was allocated and how the school plans to spend the funding allocated for 2017/18.

  St Marys Sports premium statement 2016 17

  St Marys Sports Premium statement 2017 18


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