Our school uniform is as follows:-

Girls –

Grey skirt or pinafore dress

Royal blue cardigan or sweater (round or V neck)

White polo shirt or blouse.


Boys –

Grey school trousers

Royal blue sweater (round or V neck)

White polo shirt or shirt.


Summer uniform:-

Girls –

Blue and white gingham dress with royal blue cardigan or sweater.

Boys –

Grey shorts; white polo shirt or shirt and royal blue sweater.


Footwear (suitable shoes) must be suitable for wearing in school all day. Boots are not acceptable.

Girls are requested to wear white plain socks/grey plain tights and boys to wear dark plain socks.

To participate fully in Physical Education, pupils will need:-

Black shorts with a white t-shirt in a named bag and black pumps not trainers.

Pupils in Year 4 swim weekly at Wolgarston High School for part of the summer term.
Requirements for this activity are – swimsuit/trunks, (no long shorts) bathing cap and towel.

School will provide a suitable book bag at the start of the academic year.


You may wish to purchase royal blue sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts and PE bags, all bearing the school uniform logo from our uniform supplier Mary’s Tots and Teens, 9 Stafford St, Newport TF10 7LU; Tel: 01952 400476


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Should you require any of our school information in a paper format please contact our office on 01785 840314