Worship and Church Links

The school celebrates its foundation through collective worship that is distinctly Christian but inspires and includes the whole community. Collective Worship is a daily event at St Mary’s.

As a Church School, we believe that it is important for the school community to gather together, both to celebrate pupil achievements and provide the opportunity to take part in acts of class worship. During this time pupils are able to reflect upon, discuss and explore the themes and values chosen.  This is an opportunity to explore the Christian faith together.

Worship is led regularly by visitors, including Rev. Rachel Dale of St Mary’s Church. The school gives high priority to the spiritual development of all pupils.

There are strong links with St Mary’s CE Church and all the children visit church termly for special services at Harvest, Christmas, Easter and our end of year thanksgiving service.  A variety of other visits during the year allow pupils to explore the Church and faith.  Our harvest offering each year supports the local food bank.  Parents and other visitors are welcomed to these services.
Parents have the right to withdraw their child from taking parts in acts of Worship. However, the Executive Headteacher must be informed prior to any parent exercising this right.


After School Worship


This is a Christian after school club for Years 3 and 4.  Pupils enjoy crafts, bible stories and games together. This is a ‘hands on’, creative session held in the school hall.

Noah’s Ark

This is for Nursery children and includes worship and craft.  Each session begins with the ‘Noah’s Ark’ prayers.  Everyone enjoys singing and listening to Bible stories together.

Our Worship regularly includes school celebration including:

Celebration Assembly
Each Thursday we have a special Celebration Assembly to give out special awards to pupils. These include the Gold Certificate for pupils who have been awarded 60 stickers in class for good work as well as Monitor of the week, and lunchtime awards. Pupils who have a birthday that week are presented with a sticker and special pencil and have ‘Happy Birthday’ sung to them by pupils and special visitors.
Parents are warmly invited to attend these assemblies and often stay behind to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

Class Worship
Each term classes present a class assembly to show work they have produced in class. Pupils often recite a poem, sing a song, show art work or explain work they have produced. Occasionally they present a short play.  All class assemblies include an act of worship such as a special hymn or prayer.

Christmas Production
Each Christmas every child takes part in a class or Key Stage production. This is an opportunity for pupils to act and sing in front of an audience. It also celebrates the important Christian festival of Jesus’ birth.  Parents and other visitors are encouraged to attend this event.

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